OneRep Provides an outstanding physical and digital experience by utilizing tools specifically crafted to satisfy your members.


Streamline all aspects of membership management, from enrollment and tracking to renewals and member communications.


Real-time snapshot of your business health, offering key metrics and insights to help you make informed decisions.

Integrated Payments

OneRep integrates with STRIPE as its payment partner, ensuring secure and efficient transactions for memberships, services, and other transactions within the platform.

Digital Documents

Customizable digital documents that streamline the onboarding process, allowing for efficient and paperless member registration, while also ensuring compliance through tailored documentation.

Schedule &

Simplify class scheduling, workout programming and member attendance that results in a dynamic fitness experience for your members.

Program Management

Efficiently manage programs with individualized schedules and workouts, providing a tailored and organized approach to meet the diverse fitness needs of each member.


Class Management

Effectively organizes individual classes, recurring sessions, and program-related classes, offering a comprehensive solution to manage and schedule diverse workout sessions for members.


Optional enforced capacity management, ensuring a seamless experience for session-based memberships by efficiently regulating class attendance and maintaining optimal capacity levels.


Communicate with your membership base through email with targeted notifications, enhancing engagement and providing personalized communication.


Create custom audiences from your membership base, facilitating targeted communications tailored to specific groups and enhancing the effectiveness of your outreach efforts.

Mass Email

A user-friendly interface that enables you to effortlessly send mass emails to your entire membership base, ensuring efficient communication and dissemination of important updates and information.


OneRep sends PUSH notifications, notifying athletes when they are mentioned in comments, receiving likes on their results, and when new workouts are available for viewing.

Member Experience

Elevate your membership experience while enabling members to access schedules, workouts, track progress, and stay connected on the go with the OneRep branded athlete mobile app.


Conveniently access and view daily workouts as well as additional workout information while on the go.


Empower athletes to track and monitor their results and progress, fostering a personalized fitness experience with real-time insights to enhance their training journey.


Athletes can engage with fellow members, fostering a supportive community where they can share achievements, provide encouragement, and connect.

Sales Tools

OneRep is a holistic set of end-to-end tools and new revenue opportunities to grow your business.

Point of Sale

Maximize sales and member experience with our standalone tablet POS, allowing seamless transactions right from the gym floor.

Web Sales Portal

Convert website visitors into loyal members effortlessly with seamless signups directly from your website, enhancing accessibility and increasing membership conversion rates.


Maximize profitability and generate additional revenue through our revenue-sharing model on vitamins and supplements, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem for your business and members.


A user-friendly in-gym kiosk display, streamlining athlete sign-in, dynamic workout displays, and real-time leaderboards for a seamless and engaging fitness experience.

Sign In

An in-gym screen where athletes can conveniently sign in, streamlining the check-in process and enhancing the overall efficiency of gym operations.


An in-gym screen, enabling athletes to input their daily workout results directly and view previous results, providing a seamless and interactive experience for tracking progress.

Trials and Drop-Ins

An that allows individuals participating in free trials or drop-ins to sign in, ensuring accurate tracking of visitation and providing a streamlined process for managing trial memberships and guest visits.

Billing and

Seamlessly integrates billing processes and provides comprehensive financial insights, offering gym administrators a clear overview of revenue streams and financial trends to facilitate informed decision-making and effective financial management.

Automated Billing

Hassle-free automated billing that ensures accurate and timely payment processing, matched with easy-to-understand reporting and analytics that save you valuable time and effort.


A comprehensive financial dashboard, empowering gym owners with valuable insights and trends to optimize and enhance the financial performance of their business.


Accurate and real-time financial reporting, providing gym owners with immediate and precise insights into their financial performance for informed decision-making.

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