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Live Stream Your Gym With
GymCast™ By OneRep

  • Increase Member Engagement
  • Enhance Member Experience
  • Strengthen Community Connection

Introducing GymCast™ – a cutting-edge live streaming camera that streams direclty to the whiteboard giving members real-time access to visualize the current activity levels inside your gym. Now, members can plan their workout more efficiently by checking the live feed to see how busy the gym is before heading in, enhancing member experience and increasing engagement with your fitness community.

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Live Stream Your Gym With
GymCast™ By OneRep

GymCast™ is available as an addon to any OneRep subscription plan.

  • Real-Time Access To Activity Levels For Members
  • Enhances Member Experience
  • Increases Member Engagement
  • Full Administrative Control of Stream Schedule
  • Optional Embeded Player For Your Website
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+ $199 One-Time Installation Fee

  • 1 LIVE Streaming Camera
  • 1 Camera Controller and Router
  • Professional Installation and Setup
  • Onboarding Call and Training
  • Admin Control Portal
  • Analytics / Reporting

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How does live streaming enhance my member engagement?

Live streaming enhances member engagement by offering a transparent view of the gym’s activity levels. This feature allows members to feel more connected to the gym community, make informed decisions about their workout timing, and fosters a sense of shared experience within your fitness community.

How can members access the live stream?

The gym’s live stream is displayed at the top of the whiteboard in the mobile app. Here, they can view real-time footage, stay updated on the current gym activity, and access the daily workout details.

Can I control when the stream is on and off?

Yes! Your admin portal profived complete control of your live stream schedule. You can also manually start and stop streaming if needed.

Can I stream more than one camera?

Yes! Call or email us to learn about multiple camera streaming options and pricing.

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